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Ovary [38], indicating a possibly different role of ALDH1 in ovarian cancer. Our present immunohistochemical study of 248 wellcharacterized patients showed high levels of ALDH1 expression in ovarian carcinoma cells, which were observed in 15.7 of the total cases, was associated with early-stage tumor, well-differentiated tumor and better survivals, although ALDH1 was not an independent risk fac
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Dívčí finská pop-rocková skupina, založená v roce 2001. Abychom přispěli k rychlému a zdravému vývoji rostlin je třeba zajistit jako jednu z mnoha věcí i ideální vlhkost. Pokud máte smůlu a plísně začnou napadat vaše rostliny, musíte je ihned odstranit, aby se nerozšířily do dalších m&i
He University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. In their long-term follow-up study, The same mouse monoclonal anti-human ALDH Clone 44 from BD Transduction LaboratoriesTM was used, and it turned out that high level of ALDH1 was detected in 19 out of the total 442 ovarian carcinoma samples, and it was significantly associated with endometrioid adenocarcinoma, early-stage tumor, complete respon

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Study and modified after considering the feedback given. A third round of questionnaire testing was done on a further six health workers before piloting in two hospitals not included in the study. At each point modifications were made to improve clarity and remove redundancy. Data collection Data for this study were collected for all hospitals by 22 health workers (one drawn from each study hospi
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